Superior Shine Car Wash

We’ll Help Your Car Stay in Superior Condition

A superior shine, every time!

Is your car looking less than impressive? You would be surprised in the difference routine car washing can make on the appearance of your vehicle. Superior Shine Car Wash in St. Clair Shores, MI has the latest technology to make sure your car gets the very best clean every time. You combine quality with our time saving express tunnel and you have the cleanest car in the area in less time.

a superior clean for every one

Superior Car Wash Packages

We provide four different superior wash options. We also have the option to enroll in our unlimited plans, offering a way to save time and money.


$ 19
Single Wash
$49.99monthly Monthly Unlimited

Works +

Ceramic X3
Fusion Reactor
Fusion Bath
Fusion Prime
Fusion Rinse
Fusion Seal
  • Ceramic X3
  • Fusion Reactor
  • Fusion Bath
  • Fusion Prime
  • Fusion Rinse
  • Fusion Seal


$ 13
single wash
$34.99monthly monthly unlimited

Managers Special +

Fusion Wax
Fusion Rain Repel
Triple Foam
Underbody Rinse
  • Fusion Wax
  • Fusion Rain Repel
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Underbody Rinse

Managers Special

$ 11
single wash
$30.99monthly monthly unlimited

Basic +

Super Shine Wax
Tire Scrub
Triple Foam
  • Super Shine Wax
  • Tire Scrub
  • Triple Foam


$ 8
single wash
$24.99monthly monthly unlimited
Hand Dry
  • Foam Bath
  • Hand Dry

Fusion Details

Ceramic X3

An advanced ceramic process that produces an unparalleled polished look. CERAMIC X3 is a 3-step ceramic-infused process applied after surface contaminants have been removed. CERAMIC X3 forms a durable shield and a longer-lasting shine.

Fusion Bath

Break the bond on the toughest surface contaminants with this specially-formulated low pH detergent. Applied in a thin layer of foam that covers the car and dazzles customers.

Fusion Prime

Lift stubborn road grime to prime your car for total adhesion of the Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. This ultra-low pH detergent is applied in a consistent stream that penetrates prior foam applications.

fusion Seal

Lock out dirt and protect your cars paint with our patent-pending formula that bonds to the surface. Applied in large overlapping droplets that evenly spread for continuous coverage.

Fusion Rinse

Break down and remove residue to expose painted surfaces to Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. Infused into a flowing rinse that flushes all the grooves, crevices, cowlings, and behind mirrors.

a superior clean for every one

Vacuums are free!

With any wash

Directions Superior Shine Car Wash

Located in St Clair Shores, MI Superior Shine Car Wash is here to ensure your car receives the highest quality wash in the area.

28100 Harper Ave, St Clair Shores, MI 48081

(586) 771-5589

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours

Monday through Friday: 8AM–7PM

Saturday: 8AM-6PM

Sunday: 8AM-5PM

Winter Hours

Monday through Saturday: 8AM–6PM

Sunday: 8AM-5PM